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Evolution of Danny and Lindsay 4 ~ she is love

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DL Song

This post goes out to all the vid makers.
If anyone would be willing to make a vid out of this song it would make my day. :D

I just heard this song and immediately thought of DL.
I feel like it really reflects how Danny was feeling in season 3 and what Lindsay has been feeling in the wake of "Child's Play".

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Taken (2/?)

Fandom: CSI: NY

Pairing: Danny/Lindsay

Rating: T

Category: Angst, Drama, Romance
Summary: Finally Danny and Lindsay are having everything they ever wished for. Now they’ve been married for over a year and for 6 months they are proud parents of a beautiful little daughter. But it seems that Danny’s past will never let him go.
AN: The following chapters will be the past. I hope it'll be not this confusing, but I try to show what is actually happening in Lindsay's and Danny's life. I really hope you enjoy reading. The transition between past and present will be done with flashbacks and timelines.
Many thanks to   pepi_te
Disclaimer: Yeah, CBS owns all of the fun, I just borrowed it.

(Chapter 2)

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Both Sides

Title: Both Sides
Fandom: CSI:NY
Paring: Danny/Lindsay
Summary: It's undeniable - what feelings are there, on both sides. But yet, both of them seem to avoid it. When he realizes it before her. He doesn't know what hit him.
Rating: T. As always. Strong T in later chapters.
Disclaimer: Own nothing. Want to. Really want to. But still don't.
AN: Not set in a particular season, as I just write what comes to me. So let's say end of season two kinda. Shrug. Hope you like.

Read and comment as you please. (; Cross-posted this. So sorry if you see it more than once.

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Chapter One - Reputation @ my LJ.